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Blueprint Animation

Animating your rich strategic thinking provides a highly efficient and effective way to communicate with large audiences. The animation can be used in support of organisation-wide engagement, for example when evangelising the key value messages of a new strategy, programme or project. Animations are also useful communications tools for road shows, training and/or inductions, to name a few example communication initiatives.


 Client Example

Our Approach

The animation project will commence with a conversation to scope the requirement and flesh out the brief. This ensure’s that:

  • We understand why you are sourcing an animation;
  • We understand how you plan to use the animation; and
  • We fully understand the outcomes that you are targeting – this includes our understanding of how and where the animation fits within your transformation mix – i.e. how it will support and enable current and future change delivery activity.

This understanding informs animation production – ensuring you get the exact animation you require.

The quality of your animation will only be as good as the quality and clarity of your thinking – as such, working collaboratively, we will immerse ourselves in the brief to understand, develop and hone your thinking so that the animation delivers fully on your targeted aspirations.

Animation Benefits:

  • Explain and educate: People are 50% more likely to retain information when it is delivered in both a visual and audio format.
  • Save Time: People are more likely to watch a video than read a lengthy document. An animation will not only save your audience time – it will also make sure your message gets across.
  • Faster: The brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than text.

The ability to tell a compelling story is one of the keys to producing a great video animation. Click on the following link for information on strategic narrative…

Our Transformation Products

Our transformation products are designed to mimic the dynamic and integrated way teams work in the real world. The below products provide a ‘pick-n-mix’ option that identifies individual point-of-need intervention within the context of end-to-end transformation. Click on the following links:

Pioneering Visualization

Town Planning Visualization

Establishment Visualization



AllChange Animate: Our Solution Story…

We believe in Rich Picture Animation so much that we made our very own about what we do!

Contact us if you would like to know more about the animation production process or see a selection of our example work...