Next-Generation Visual Target Operating Model (TOM)

Blueprint Visual Target Operating Model (TOM)

The Blueprint Illustration Visual TOM helps teams model the current state and the future state – as well as establish a powerful shared vision for the transformation journey. The Blueprint TOM is designed to support and enable strategic delivery planning – explicitly connecting strategic intent to project delivery.

“A central principle of Cybernetics – the science of systems – is that you first need to model (or map) a whole system accurately in order to control it. This principle is woven into the DNA of the Visual TOM design; we incorporate how your people do business now and in the future – and reflect how they operate in the real world.”

The iterative nature of the Blueprint process uniquely helps you collaboratively manifest your vision. Similar to an engineering blueprint, the Blueprint TOM provides meaningful terms of reference with a blend of big-picture and deep-dive information – all designed to guide and inform follow-on project design, planning and deployment.

Client Example – Blueprint Illustration:

Visual mechanism designed to develop & model our clients upfront thinking in a user-friendly and accessible way, so that it informs, directs and guides all follow-on transformation activity. Click on below image to access and navigate enlarged Blueprint Illustration picture.



Blueprint Aide Memoire

The Blueprint TOM is cut up into a detailed storyboard with plain language notes explaining each and every visual image within the picture. The Aide Memoire ensures everything (aka all high-value thinking) is remembered – acting as the ‘golden source’, both guiding and informing follow-on organisation and project design.

Similar to a policy document, the Aide Memoire is designed to inform and guide organisational design, strategic planning and operational delivery. The Aide Memoire has often been used by our clients to cascade (or evangelise) and embed the new initiative – with functional and business leaders taking their respective teams through the document page-by-page – asking the team “where do we fit?” and “what do we need to prioritise and focus on to make the change happen?” The document is then updated with the respective team’s notes (beside each image) ensuring the Aide Memoire messaging is accessible, understandable, appropriate, relevant – and has real meaning at a local level.

Connecting Your ‘Thinking’ To ‘Doing’

For an organisation to function, many hundreds of design decisions need to be made. These decisions, the detailed TOM decisions, are better made if there is a high-level overarching ‘Visual TOM’ available to guide and align people and teams behind the new direction.

“We blend customer experience journeys with business ecosystem design to realize your organization’s value, power and potential.”

The three main objectives of developing a TOM and pursuing its cost-effective and successful realisation, that AllChange focus on, are listed below:

1. To transform an organisation’s current operating state; i.e. how it works now, that is described by its current-state operating model – to a future operating state, as described by its target-state operating model;

2. To develop an organisation’s change capability so that it can react and adapt to change effectively and efficiently, without detriment to customers, quality of service, profitability, security and competitiveness; and

3. To develop an organisation’s strategic planning capability so its TOM (informing strategic, project and business plans) can be regularly reviewed to ensure they continue to be aligned and support the organisation’s strategy and direction.

The Blueprint TOM acts as a practical visual mechanism that lands the collective thinking (aka strategic intent, technical concepts and creative ideas) onto the operational ground floor in a clear, plain language and memorable way.

“A parallel mechanism that complements & enhances the existing planning & BaU implementation activity…”

The Blueprint TOM will help collaboratively develop and model your upfront thinking in a user-friendly and accessible way, so that it informs, directs and guides all follow-on transformation activity. It is specifically designed to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you are heading – and will enable you to:

  • Produce a single shared visual model that everyone will clearly understand, identify with and believe in;
  • Provide detailed and meaningful terms of reference for organizational, technical, business and project design teams to unpack – informing follow-on implementation;
  • Align objectives with actions through a clear roadmap for transformation;
  • Articulate the key components required to deliver the aspired future state (aka the change levers/capabilities and targeted outcomes);
  • Develop big-picture understanding across your organization (ensuring activity is joined-up);
  • Gain consensus from key stakeholder groups;
  • Effectively align multiple teams;
  • Prioritize and deploy resources; and
  • Monitor and measure progress while proactively leading transformational change.

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Our Transformation Products

Our transformation products are designed to mimic the dynamic and integrated way teams work in the real world. The below products provide a ‘pick-n-mix’ option that identifies individual point-of-need intervention within the context of end-to-end transformation. Click on the following links:

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