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A Different Kind Of Transformation Solution – Delta Visualization


At AllChange we use a combination of visual thinking, story-telling and structured thinking techniques to model our clients thinking in a rich and meaningful way – all focused on helping them to execute better.

The visual thinking approaches we apply are inspired by how architects and engineers work. Similar to an engineering blueprint the Delta Visualization solution contains multi-dimensional (whole system) information that communicates ‘what the organization initiative or transformation solution looks like’ in a clear, simple and experiential way.

Groups get much smarter when they can think in big picture formats that allow for comparison, pattern finding and idea mapping – these qualities are highly valuable when developing vision and strategy. Visual thinking is a powerful way to resolve confusion in groups that arise from inadequate or conflicting mental models. People accept ideas more readily when their minds are in ‘visual story mode’, rather than ‘analytical mode’.

The Delta Visualization solution can be used as a powerful catalyst for change. The process of exploring and developing the picture of your vision will create an aligned single view of the current state, future state and transformational journey. It will also help to ensure that the leadership is on-message with a clear and commonly-held view of the way forward. Developing this consensus to proceed can fundamentally accelerate transformational change – everyone is on the same page and ready to act.

Change Delta

At AllChange we use the word ‘Delta’ to highlight the solution’s focus on bridging the gap between current state and future state. Similar to a compass and map the solution is designed to help effectively navigate the change journey – and bridge the gap.  At AllChange we call this gap between both states the ‘Change Delta’.

Built To Be Used

The Delta Visualization solution is ‘Built To Be Used’ – fully aligned-to and driven-by our clients’ business need. It is designed to inform and direct strategic delivery planning, including;

  • Help connect thinking to doing;
  • Help build consensus agreement with a mandated right to proceed – and at pace;
  • Help land executive thinking (aka enterprise ideas, strategic intent, technical concepts) onto the operational ground floor in a real, clear plain language, engaging, memorable and meaningful way – so that people can effectively execute the game plan;
  • Help design, prototype and test enterprise ideas with internal and external stakeholders;
  • Help develop and model upfront thinking in a user-friendly and accessible way, so that it informs, directs and guides all follow-on transformation activity;
  • Help visualize a desired future state in rich in-focus detail;
  • Help model the current context and current state in a meaningful way;
  • Help develop a clear and meaningful roadmap for transformation – specifically designed to direct follow-through activity;
  • Model the organization, initiative or solution in a whole system way;
  • Effectively align multiple teams;
  • Help prioritize and deploy resources;
  • Enable teams and individuals to effectively monitor and measure progress; and
  • Help teams and individuals to retain control and orientation during the heat of delivery – keeping transformation activity firmly on track.

Strategic Engagement & Communications

The ideas that underpin and shape our clients’ strategic thinking live or die by how well they are formed and how effectively they are communicated. Delta Visualization can take complex and challenging issues then simplify and bring them to life – developing the raw ideas that underpin our clients’ strategic thinking into accessible, meaningful and highly relevant communications that can connect with the wider organization at both an intellectual and an emotional level.

How we model our clients thinking…

Our Transformation Products

Our transformation products are designed to mimic the dynamic and integrated way teams work in the real world. The below products provide a ‘pick-n-mix’ option that identifies individual point-of-need intervention within the context of end-to-end transformation. Click on the following links:

Pioneering Visualization

Town Planning Visualization

Establishment Visualization


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We believe in the power and value of  Visual Thinking so much, that we made our very own Rich Picture Animation about what we do!

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