Strategy Development Framework - Explicitly Connecting Thinking To Doing

Strategy Development Framework – Connecting Thinking To Doing

The Strategy Development Framework is a tried and tested transformation product designed to create a coherent strategy within a common framework that all your people can work within. Explicitly connecting strategic intent to project delivery.

The Framework provides a vehicle for leadership teams to collectively explore, test, build-out, ground and align corporate vision and strategic intent with project investment and project delivery in an open, honest and challenging manner to develop the organization and maximise future opportunities.

This product is designed to meaningfully bring strategy to life in a way that everyone will clearly understand, identify with and believe in. It is capable of defining and aligning core organizational purpose, organizational intent (policy), vision and strategic objectives; all of which explicitly connected to your stakeholder landscape and project delivery portfolio.

The Strategy Development Framework process generates a user-friendly, plain language operational format that enables the alignment of objectives to actions with clear and meaningful direction – ensuring everyone is working on the same page with a single clear consensus view on the way forward agreed.

Similar to how an ‘Ikea Manual’ works, the Strategy Framework generates clear practical and pragmatic guidance and instructions specifically wired to inform decision-making, behavior and prioritization.

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Everyone Working On The Same Page & Ready To Act…

The Strategy Framework will become your ‘north star’ to head for; acting as a guide while on your journey of change.  Used actively by every leader, it becomes a map for decision-making and solution alignment.

Summary Deliverables:

  • Cohesive and on-message leadership gained – with a clear consensus understanding of what to prioritise and focus on;
  • Practical governance mechanism (tool) that explicitly connects and aligns strategic intent to project activity;
  • Tried and tested strategic cascade process specifically designed to engage project delivery teams – ensuring the project teams have the required detailed terms of reference to effectively design, plan and build the envisaged future state;
  • Highly engaging and inclusive visualisation process that galvanises rallies and aligns the staff population behind the new direction and way;
  • Balance of left and right brain exploration that brings the strategic intent to life in a way that everyone will clearly understand, identify-with and believe-in. Making strategy everyone’s business;
  • Next step activity agreed with a growing coalition of support and mandate to proceed gained.
  • A rich array of visual assets are produced that are formatted to enhance client business documentation and support follow-on engagement, design, planning and delivery; and
  • Built To Be Used: All visual capture from the Strategy Development  Workshop will be consolidated into an executive briefing document, providing a project golden source – with all assets produced during the engagement uploaded to a share-folder for easy access.


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