You Need To Understand Where Your Heading Before You Set Off On The Journey...

Change Strategy Workshop – Building Consensus Around Your Corporate Story

The Change Strategy Workshop will visualise your current state and future state in the form of a strategic narrative or enterprise story that will act as your directional ‘north star’ – helping you to collectively navigate challenging and complex environments while on the journey of change. The process of visualising and articulating your enterprise story will build a cohesive leadership consensus on the way forward, that will both guide and inform follow-on prioritisation, decision-making and behaviour.

“Before you set off on the journey of change, you first need to understand and agree where you are heading – articulated in rich meaningful outcomes that everyone can build towards together.”

A strategic narrative is a story that articulates corporate vision and strategy in a very understandable, meaningful and attractive way to gain buy-in, adoption and active participation from the wider work population.

When translating strategic intent into meaningful operational execution, people within your organization ideally need to be able to recognize their own operational reality within the messaging. They need to see a reflection of themselves in a way that makes sense and resonates personally. To achieve this, the leadership and front-line management need to land the thinking at a local level – and in a very practical, user-friendly and clear way.

Change Strategy Workshop Overview

Drawing on over ten years blue-chip commercial experience working with senior leaders and front-line management, the Change Strategy Workshop is designed to build a mandated consensus around your strategic intent – and at pace. The workshops highly collaborative visualization process will enable you to collectively visualize and articulate your strategic intent in a way that everyone can clearly understand, identify with and believe in.

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Video Case Study – Part 1 Building Consensus On The Way Forward

Video Case Study – Part 2 Managing Director Story

Video Case Study – Part 3 Connecting Thinking To Doing

The Value Of Strategic Narrative

The AllChange Strategic Narrative is an extremely valuable tool capable of explicitly connecting enterprise ideas and strategic intent to meaningful frontline delivery. Alongside providing a whole-system capability, it tackles a whole range of things required to design, build and embed a fit-for-purpose and business-ready outcome:

1. The strategic narrative is a powerful mechanism to generate a shared senior leadership consensus view of the past, current and future state. Gaining an on-message senior team always accelerates follow-on operating model design and implementation because everyone is working on the same page with a clear agreed mandate to proceed.

2. The strategic narrative places a practical container (scope) on the strategic intent. Similar to how an ‘Ikea Guide’ works; the strategic narrative provides clear and practical terms of reference wired to inform follow-on design, planning and implementation. The story format provides meaning to design teams, making the thinking more accessible – so the narrative can be easily unpacked and explored.

3. The strategic narrative is capable of articulating the new strategic direction to the wider organisation and key external stakeholder audiences in an accessible, user-friendly and richly meaningful way – connecting the head and heart to the new initiative in equal measure – providing a clear ‘north star’ for everyone to align behind.

A Strategic Narrative is capable of capturing strategic intent, complex technical concepts and creative ideas in a way that everyone can understand and engage with.  It also can:

  • Translate strategy into meaningful execution;
  • Explicitly connect strategic intent to frontline delivery;
  • Generate a mandated consensus leadership view – with full executive sponsorship;
  • Provide clear leadership direction. Enabling the leadership to implement effective joined-up oversight across the organisation in a practical, accessible and engaging way;
  • Provide a governance framework (with decision rules) that describe what success looks and feels like – informing and guiding decision-making, ways-of-working and behaviour;
  • Position and facilitate the change in a respectful way;
  • Accelerate engagement by helping leaders appear more human when communicating the story;
  • Create an inclusive environment;
  • Reinforce key strategic messages, culture and company values; and
  • Help employees retain the key information required to execute.


Our Transformation Products

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