Vision Architecture. Is Your Vision Fit For Purpose?

Thought Piece On How To Effectively Create & Implement Corporate Vision


The use of corporate vision as a mechanism for delivering transformational change seems to have diminished over the years. Management by spreadsheet and risk management are the preferred tools of choice as executives increasingly default to a transactional way of working. Yet in today’s tough, volatile and ambiguous world, where marginal gains are required just to stand still, there has never been a bigger need to get your people off of the sidelines and onto the field to fight for the cause.

The purpose of this thought piece is (1) to get vision back onto the corporate agenda, (2) to share the AllChange experience of creating and implementing corporate vision, (3) to define what it takes to execute an operational (implementable) vision, and (4) to share associated insights, observations and best practice on this enigmatic topic.



Thought Piece Contents:

  • Introduction
  • An Iconic Story
  • So What Makes An Effective Vision?
  • A Side Note Gripe
  • Some Research From Harvard That Agrees With Me
  • Case Study: Retail & Investment Bank
  • The Science & The Art Of Vision Execution
  • Vision Creation & Vision Implementation
  • Summary: Five Approaches To Vision Creation & Implementation
  • Final Thoughts
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