Next-Generation Target Operating Model (TOM) Design

Thought Piece On Designing A TOM That Is Fit For Purpose & Universally Understood


If the purpose of a Target Operating Model (TOM) is to enable an organisation to travel from the current state to an envisaged future state, and as effectively, efficiently and smoothly as possible – then it makes sense that the TOM should be ‘built to be used’.  In other words, producing a TOM that is fit-for-purpose, accessible, user-friendly and universally understood by everyone. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Throughout this article, I will attempt to layout the ‘secret sauce’ formula that my team and I use to help our clients visualise, design, build and implement their own next-generation TOM’s.

The ‘Next Generation TOM’ approach described in this article touches on the ingredients required to produce a TOM that is truly capable of connecting corporate vision and strategy to the daily running of the business – and whilst people and teams navigate major change.

Next-Gen TOM Image


Thought Piece Contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Value Of Meaning
  • Business Model Or Operating Model?
  • What Is A Hi-Level TOM & What Does It Do?
  • The Value Of Vision-led TOM Design
  • Vision-led TOM Design
  • TOM Design, The Importance Of Meaningful ‘Outcomes’
  • TOM Design, Visualising What Going Digital Looks & Feels Like
  • Decision Value Chain – Modelling The TOM Operational Reality
  • The Value Of Strategic Narrative
  • TOM Governance & Connecting Strategic Intent To Delivery
  • Using Visual Thinking For TOM Design & Build
  • Using Common Terms Of Reference, Definitions & Language
  • Final Thoughts


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