Does Your Organization Have An Innovation Mentality?

Thought Piece On The Relationship Between Vision & Innovation


Creating a real culture of innovation requires an environment that enables innovation and creativity to first exist and then flourish. All innovation activity needs to be purpose-driven, both understanding and connecting with the business reality. Ultimately, organizations are here to serve the customer and to build a healthy sustainable business; innovation must be wired to this end… to creating value.

The purpose of this thought piece is (1) to explore the role of vision in shaping and directing innovation, (2) to define the nature of innovation in a corporate commercial context, and (3) to explore what it takes to implement a flourishing innovation culture and environment – wired to delivering sustainable value creation.

Innovation Maturity Framework



Innovation Mentality Image

Thought Piece Contents:

  • The Relationship Between Vision & Innovation
  • Innovation Is A Mentality Not A Function
  • Innovation Needs Purpose
  • THE SCIENCE: Innovation Is About Value Creation
  • THE ART: Innovation Is About People
  • The Innovation Utopia: Science & Art Combined
  • Innovation Is Not Plug ‘n’ Play
  • Go Slow, Then Accelerate
  • What Does ‘Go Slow’ Mean In The Real World?
  • The A-Team Approach To ‘Go Slow’
  • Self Evaluation: Is There An Innovation Mentality Where You Work?
  • Final Thought
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