Creative Lab

Creative Lab

The Value of Clarity

The ideas that underpin and shape our clients’ strategic thinking live or die by how well they are formed and how effectively they are communicated.
At AllChange, a robust approach is geared to catalysing then harnessing group genius in order to generate rich levels of engagement, breakthrough thinking and insight.

Within a common framework that all your people can work within, our techniques and tools are designed to deliver practical and sustainable business value outcomes that lead to better performance and results. We apply highly innovative and collaborative techniques, including; art, story-telling, visualisation and group dialogue facilitation, to help our clients’ individually and collectively explore, validate, test, model and bring to life their strategic thinking in a rich, relevant, real and meaningful way.

Bringing Strategic Thinking to Life

The Advertising and Marketing worlds work very hard at clearly defining and crystallising the qualities that encapsulate a brand and its particular uniqueness, this often encompasses modelling the very essence of the brand at a multi-sensory level in order to connect with and spark our emotional responses. As you can bottle the qualities and characteristics of a brand, it is our experience that you can also successfully bottle the qualities of an organizational vision or business critical strategy. You can take a potentially enormous, complex, dry, boring or inaccessible initiative and make it very understandable, highly relevant and highly meaningful at both an intellectual and emotional level.

As human beings our understanding of our surroundings – reality, context, and how things connect and work together is represented by visual imagery, story and metaphor – all of which animated by our personal and collective experience.

Our Cast Members focus on interacting with our clients’ at a deep level; our unique approach is centred around the understanding of how people think, how they work in groups and how to get them to think more clearly, more deeply, and more productively together.