Change Room

Change Room

A Different Approach to Knowledge Share & Team Collaboration

We provide a virtual environment that promotes and supports multi-team collaboration and rich engagement. The highly user-friendly environment is designed for knowledge share of critical strategic information for local teams to help them work together better and faster.

Engagement that goes Viral

Mass connectedness, collaboration and co-creation across organisation boundaries – our virtual environment is designed to promote and support the systemic ‘sharing-of’ and ‘access-to’ ideas and critical business thinking in order to achieve alignment, improve performance and achieve better results. Vision and strategy can be interpreted and decomposed locally across the organisation, so that it is relevant to local teams whilst also aligning to broader activity.

The interactive workspace has iPad connectivity for real-time upload during workshop activity and provides ‘hover-over’ text and ‘drill-down’ capability to further detailed text.

It is designed to fully integrate with all the Delta Visualization materials and Microsoft Office Suite.

Programme & Project Management Innovation

Drawing on MoP, MSP and PRINCE2 best practice, we have developed a programme methodology that integrates structured and visual thinking within the DNA of the delivery:

  • Structured thinking techniques enrich and accelerate the collaborative creation process, enabling groups of people to frame, structure, organise, develop, ground and test their thinking at pace
  • Visual thinking techniques promote participation, group memory, big picture thinking, group cohesion and effectively tackle system-level challenges – all enabling people to work better and more effectively together