Sticky Strategy

Sticky Strategy

Strategy Execution without Engagement is Impossible

Market research has found that 60 to 90% of most companies strategies are not executed or do not deliver the intended results. At AllChange we take the view that the root cause of this trend traces back to people and their practical ability to effectively implement the game plan (and make it stick), or as this trend implies, their inability. The extent that strategy is executed depends heavily on how well people understand and buy-in to it. Working alongside our client’s, we have found that there are 5 key disciplines that significantly influence execution success.

We find that many organisations are adept at designing new operating models or organisational structures, we also find that most do not fully appreciate how to bring these new initiatives to life through effective implementation. With implementation firmly in mind, our innovative approach promotes and encourages open and honest exploratory conversation with the key stakeholders about the complex challenges their organisation is facing, this generates increased collective coherence and big picture understanding which leads to greater cohesion, alignment and personal ownership across the organisation, from the metaphorical bridge down to the boiler room.

Our Approach

Our process gains a common view on what success looks like, with collective agreement to proceed which both anchors and accelerates transformation activity because everyone is on the same page and ready to act.

Experience informs us that strategy and change are fundamentally about people, connection and relationships. Without rich dialogue and engagement, even the very best thinking and ideas will not gain the required traction levels to make change happen.

Our proven and battle tested solutions fuse best practice business methodologies with the creative arts. By building big picture understanding, they inject innovation and simplicity into the business problem. This enables the connection of overarching strategy to daily operations.