Cultural Sketch Workshop

Strategy Alignment Through Visual Thinking

Understanding the culture and having the tough conversations are a challenge for many organizations. Being honest about where your organization is in the marketplace and how your culture and strategy impact that standing can be difficult. The Cultural Sketch encourages an open and honest view of where you are and where you are heading toward.

The Cultural Sketch activity provides a knowledge-rich, stimulating and safe space to meaningfully explore the barriers holding the organization back, from processes to behaviors to overall culture – delivering meaningful action on your vision.

The light tone ensures no one takes the self-critique too seriously, the visualization process is often described as akin to ‘group therapy’ creating a healthy environment to separate issues from individuals.

The Cultural Sketch workshop is a highly effective activity to understand the change readiness of the organization. Throughout the workshop, our experienced facilitators often employ accelerated learning and high-performance team techniques to create an environment where serious business thinking and unrestrained possibility thinking co-exist.

The Cultural Sketch workshop is regularly used with great success to both enable and support change transition and implementation activity.

Our Transformation Products

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