Designing Transformation. Driven By Vision.

Translating Strategy Into Execution

The use of corporate vision as a mechanism for delivering transformational change has diminished over the years. Management-by-spreadsheet and risk management seems to be the preferred tools of choice as executives increasingly default to a transactional way of working. Yet in today’s tough, volatile and ambiguous world, where marginal gains are required just to stand still, there has never been a bigger need to get your people off the sidelines and onto the field to fight for the cause.

The underpinning root cause priority behind every Executive decision fundamentally boils down to one (or combination) of the following; generating growth, generating cash, reducing cost, squeezing out extra value for money and/or mitigating risk. The AllChange value proposition is fundamentally about helping our clients get the right thinking in place – as well as democratizing the thinking across a broader coalition to effectively deliver on these priorities.

Our visualization expertise plays at the nexus of strategy, technology and design to leverage innovation and unlock new paths to growth and value.

By modelling the high-performing cognitive stages of change; from Upstream Ideation to the Downstream  Embedding of BaU, we have designed and developed a ‘Pick-n-Mix’   selection of transformation products that identify individual point-of-need intervention within the context of end-to-end transformation.

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Pioneering Visualization (Products 1 to 3): The Pioneering products are ideally suited for high-level exploration, enabling individuals and groups of people to agree on where they are heading before commencing the journey of change.

Town Planning Visualization (Products 4 to 6): The Town Planning products are designed to explicitly connect enterprise ideas and strategic intent to more detailed project decision-making. Where detailed terms of reference are required in order to plan and execute effectively.

Establishment Visualization (Products 7 to 10): The Establishment products are designed to promote, support and enable the transition, embedding and evangelizing of the new direction and way of working.

We Combine Practitioner Expertise With A Design Approach To Help You Get Where Your Actually Heading …& Faster!

At AllChange we use a combination of design thinking techniques to connect our clients’ enterprise ideas and strategic intent to frontline delivery.  Example techniques include strategic narrative (corporate story-telling), visual thinking and structured thinking.

Our design approach helps land our clients thinking onto the operational ground in a clear, engaging and memorable way – so that people can effectively execute the game plan – delivering better performance, results and value – and at pace.

The design approaches we apply are inspired by how architects and engineers work. Similar to an engineering blueprint, we model what the strategy, organization initiative or transformation ‘is about’ and ‘looks like’ in a clear, simple and meaningful way – landing our clients thinking in a way that everyone will clearly understand, identify with and believe in.

We Harness The Power Of Story To Execute Vision & Strategic Change

Intellectual persuasion alone has its limitations; a pie chart will not inspire raving believers or get your people to storm the castle. Truly effective visions provide a compelling sense of meaning and clarity of direction. They are wired to connect to people’s heads and hearts in equal measure.

Our ability to build a cohesive senior consensus is second to none.  We have deep experience in enabling the Business and IT community to collaboratively build a better future together.

Pie Chart Middle Ages Graphic

It’s engagement Jim, but not as we know it!

We Are Experts At Creating The Optimal Cognitive Space

Our visualization approach ensures that the business-critical thinking is central to all design, planning and delivery – providing a mechanism that ensures activity is joined-up with the senior thinking front-and-centre at all times.

We blend portfolio, programme and project management best practice with truly world-class collaborative and knowledge-rich workshop environments to inspire, model and capture group genius.

How we model our clients thinking… 


Video Case Study – Part 1 Building Consensus On The Way Forward

Video Case Study – Part 2 Managing Director Story

Video Case Study – Part 3 Connecting Thinking To Doing