Transformational Leadership Diagnostic

Online Leadership Tool

The Multi-factor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) is designed to support leaders in developing their full range of leadership capability, resulting in personal growth and a positive impact on organizational strategy and culture. The MLQ evaluates three different leadership styles: Transformational, Transactional, and Passive-Avoidant.

It originates from the Full Range Of Leadership Model (FRLM), devised by Bruce Avolio and Bernhard Bass whilst at the University of Nebraska. It is the most researched and academically sound transformational and transactional leadership model in the world to date, which has seen over 48,000 senior executives from over 2,500 organizations worldwide go through the 360° leadership measurement process.

The MLQ focuses on the frequency of leadership behaviors within the organizational environment, providing personal insight into the frequency of behaviors demonstrated. Taking a full view of leadership capability in all situations and environments, this model allows for practical and real analysis of leadership behaviors.

The flexible approach allows the model to be intrinsically designed to the organizations leadership proposition, by:

  • Creating a foundation for supporting organizational strategy and values by developing the leadership culture within the organization.
  • Embedding leadership capability and measurement at the core of the organization.
  • Challenging people strategy and enabling organisations to re-focus plans to maximise performance.
  • Provides a robust benchmark of leadership capability.
  • Can be used as part of a stand-alone initiative supported by one to one coaching as part of a leadership development program.

Our Transformation Products

Our transformation products are designed to mimic the dynamic and integrated way teams work in the real world. The below products provide a ‘pick-n-mix’ option that identifies individual point-of-need intervention within the context of end-to-end transformation. Click on the following links:

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