Performance Leadership - Embedding Leadership Capability At The Core

Execution Without Engagement Is Impossible

“When organisational transformations succeed, managers typically pay attention to ‘people issues’, especially fostering collaboration among leaders and employees and building capabilities.” 

Source: McKinsey & Company,
Transformational Change Survey 2010


Quality of leadership is the single biggest impact on a company’s ability to execute.

Research from McKinsey & Company finds that when leaders act as role models for change, it is four times more effective than other options available. The research also found that organizations that invest in developing their leaders are 2.4 times more likely to be successful in achieving their objectives.

The ability to execute your vision and strategy heavily depends on:

  • How effectively your strategic narrative (corporate story) is formed; and
  • How well the senior leadership / front line management evangelize and embed the new direction, initiative or way.

Strategic Narrative

A strategic narrative is a corporate story that an organization can understand, identify with and believe in. A strategic narrative story is fundamentally about articulating corporate vision and strategy in a very understandable, meaningful and attractive way in order to gain buy-in, adoption and active participation from the wider workforce.

In order to effectively execute, the corporate story needs to thrive across the whole organization from the boardroom right down to the front-line. This only happens when leadership at all levels of seniority actively engage their people in a transformational way – through role modelling, coaching, motivating and providing fresh thinking and ideas – all completely aligned with the business priorities.

For the corporate story to flourish, it must connect with everyone at a personal level. People need to be able to recognize their own operational reality within the messaging, they need to see a reflection of themselves in a way that makes sense and resonates. For this to occur, the leadership and front-line management need to land the thinking at a local level and in a practical way. They need to be able to tell a very personal and authentic story describing the business priorities using language that is clear, appropriate and relevant to the audience. This means the absolute removal of abstract language, technical jargon and management speak (aka fog factor).

Developing Sustainable Leadership Capability

In order to meaningfully bring corporate vision and strategy to life – connecting strategy to daily operations in a meaningful, successful and sustainable way – senior leaders and front-line managers need to develop and hone their leadership and engagement skills. We categorize these skills in two capability areas:

1) Strategic Leadership

The ability to personally interpret, own and authentically communicate the corporate story at a local level in a clear, appropriate and relevant way. Ensuring people understand what the initiative is all about, understand why it is important, where they fit and understand what is expected of them to make it happen.

2) Cultural Leadership

The ability to lead and engage people in a transformational way (aka galvanising and binding your people to the vision). Actively utilising the transformational attributes of role modelling, coaching, motivating and ideas generation to rally, galvanize and align teams behind the new direction. Ensuring people clearly understand what success looks like with respect to the required attitude, decision-making, way-of-working and behaviour. Put simply we see cultural leadership as the capability of engaging people and teams in order to effectively execute.

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