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Vision & Strategy Creation

In our experience, when organizations develop their business strategy there is often too much emphasis placed on realizing goals and not enough emphasis placed on goal setting or developing the right goals.

Sometimes strategic goals need to be identified from scratch. Sometimes they need to be shaped from a set of existing values into a coherent vision that can shape and frame policy. Sometimes they need to be held up, one against another, so that the tensions and conflicts between them can be identified and the necessary trade-offs resolved into a coherent strategy. This is what strategy is about. This comes before determining the plans and activities to realize goals.


“A clear, meaningful and implementable vision can be the difference between success or failure…”

This is not to diminish the importance of strategic delivery planning, but merely to make the obvious point that we need to know where we want to get to before we set off. It is not enough to continually plan for what we are going to do, without knowing or fully understanding what we want to achieve. A strategy is an expression of what you want to achieve, not simply what you will do. It doesn’t matter whether we have a firm definition of strategy in our minds. A strategy is not an object, but a process. Understanding why we should be strategic and understanding how we can be strategic is what matters. Read more…

A Sense of the Challenge

  • Today, 60 to 90% of most companies’ strategies are not executed, or do not deliver the intended results
  • More than 70% of employees are not actively engaged in
    their organizations
  • 53% of executives do not believe their company’s strategy will lead to success
  • 64% of executives agree that their company has too many conflicting priorities

Source: Booz Allen

Our Way

AllChange has developed a sweepingly collaborative approach to vision creation and implementation. It enables groups of executives to collectively explore, build-out, validate, test, and bring-to-life their thinking. This means the right objectives, instructions and metrics are created. It also ensures the necessary levels of alignment, buy-in and ownership are in place.

We understand how to create team cohesion and alignment, from the bridge down to the boiler room, with a clear line of sight to the operational levers that drive better performance and deliver the envisaged results.

Why we do it

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