Visualisation & Visual Capture

Do You Require A Different Kind Of Change Management Consultant?

AllChange is a specialist business strategy, change management and engagement consultancy. We use a broad range of visualization techniques to help our clients execute better. Visualization and the visual capture and representation of ideas are now gaining importance as a tool for building team cohesion, planning strategy, fostering engagement and triggering innovation. Of the many tools in the visualization toolbox proving most indispensable and pervasive to our clients today are graphic facilitation and graphic recording. Read more on the visualisation techniques that we use…

 Graphic Facilitation

Our Graphic Facilitators capture ideas visually in real-time. They simultaneously combine facilitation skills with visual recording techniques to build big-picture understanding, inspire engagement, spark fresh thinking and promote collaboration – all focused on generating stronger follow-through and action. Our graphic facilitators use various frameworks for representing ideas visually in spatial patterns, such as timelines or metaphorical settings, each one designed to focus thinking towards a particular objective.

Graphic Recording

Our Graphic Recorders are experienced scribes trained to listen, transcribe and synthesize information using a range of specially designed visual tools. Our graphic recorders use listening skills to reflect the conversation back to the group as it is occurring in real-time. The visual capture provides a highly effective aide memoir that is ‘Built To Be Used’ and designed to promote collaboration, knowledge share and follow-through activity. The visual techniques employed are designed to help shape thinking during meetings as well as provide a focus for further discussion after the event.

 Graphic Facilitation & Recording Services:

  • CxO Change Days (Building Transformation Roadmaps)
  • Presentations
  • Conferences & Events
  • Roadshows

Our Creative Capabilities:

  • Facilitation With Use of Visual Decision Models
  • Real-time Visual Capture
  • Rich Picture
  • Storyboard
  • Role-based Scenario
  • Rich Picture Animation


Showcase Work Example @ The International Shopper Insights In Action (SIIA) Conference in Edinburgh…

Click & Download Below Visual Document: 

Visual Capture – iTab

Built To Be Used – Everything that we do is Built To Be Used. All visual capture during the SIIA conference was integrated into a single consolidated document called an iTab.

The iTab is a Delegate Aide Memoir designed specifically to support delegate memory, enable knowledge share and promote follow-through activity post-event.