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Ian is a Senior Strategic Change & Innovation Advisor focused on translating strategy into meaningful execution.
Ian specializes in helping leaders operate differently by thinking and executing different. This includes helping people and teams to make sense of complex change by leveraging creative thinking techniques that produce meaning and clarity of understanding. Techniques such as design and systems thinking, strategic narrative and visual language (aka visual thinking).

Pragmatic Ideas & Guidance For Leaders, Innovators & Change Practitioners

Welcome! This blog is intended to provide a user-friendly go-to space for Executives on all things to do with strategy, innovation and change. With a focused lens on ‘How To Make Strategy Everyone’s Business – And In A Way That Your People Can Truly Understand, Identify With & Believe In’.


A famous philosopher called Martin Heidegger had the idea that people ‘show up’ in two different ways – as physical bodies and as sentient beings. Put simply, this means that we (you and I) show up in our personal and professional lives in both ‘physical substance’ and ‘personal identity’ – both of which are fundamental to our ability to make sense of and interact with our surrounding world (aka create meaning).  This is a valuable concept in a business context because Heidegger explicitly links ‘high meaning’ to ‘high performance’ (and vice versa).

In a commercial world where business is changing quickly and technology even faster – Executives are having to make critical commercial decisions while wrestling with increasing complexity, scale and ambiguity… and at an ever-increasing pace.

As never before in our history, leaders need to master their thoughts in order to execute their vision to claim success. To operate differently, leaders need to think different, placing a high premium on clear-thinking and meaning-making to galvanize, rally and align the troops behind the new direction and way.

The ideas that underpin and shape our clients’ strategic thinking live or die by how well they are formed and how effectively they are communicated. At AllChange, our purpose is to help our clients explicitly connect thinking to doing. Helping them translate their enterprise ideas and strategic intent into meaningful frontline delivery.

Hybrid Remote Working Is The Future – Now!

(Draft) Hybrid Remote Working Is The Future – Now! Setting The Scene At AllChange, we consider strategy execution to be a ‘journey’ as much as a process. It is our experience that organisations need to know ‘where’ they want (or need) to get to – before they set off on the journey. Continually planning for […]


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Strategy To Execution

Strategy To Action

Click here to return to blog Strategy To Action The Right Target Operating Model Serves As A Bridge Between Strategy & Effective Execution Michael Porter previously stated… “The essence of strategy is in the activities – choosing to perform activities differently or to perform different activities than rivals. Otherwise, a strategy is nothing more than […]


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Strategy Webinar

WBS MBA Strategy Implementation Webinar

Meaningful Frontline Strategy Implementation… On behalf of Warwick Business School, yesterday, I was honoured to lead a webinar for the MBA International Faculty. The webinar format was ambitious with a live student Q&A and the use of real client examples to illustrate the answers; but I think we just about pulled it off! While there […]


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Corporate Vision

How To Translate Strategy Into Meaningful Frontline Delivery (Part 3) Part 1 Part 2 Bridging The Chasm Between Strategy & Execution… The corporate vision approach that I describe in this article has been developed since 2002. During this time, I have cherry-picked, blended and road-tested thought leadership from a wide range of experts in the […]


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Corporate Vision

How To Translate Strategy Into Meaningful Frontline Delivery (Part 2) Part 1 Part 3 Modelling Strategic Intent With Execution In Mind… When modelling strategic intent, everything that my team and I do is ‘built to be used’. Translated this means that the corporate vision (visualisation) process is geared to develop and model the upfront thinking […]


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Corporate Vision

How To Translate Strategy Into Meaningful Frontline Delivery (Part 1) Setting The Scene, The Power Of Story… I can remember it like yesterday. It was the most important day of my life. I of course did not know this then… I sat nervously in the luxuriously decorated reception of an iconic old-school merchant bank, mentally […]


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