The Cognitive Process - Pure Language

Pure Language

Language is the everyday tool for thinking, communication of ideas and collaboration; with words used as the vehicle for transport between people.

When words lack meaning, are too abstract or ambiguous, this can create confusion, misinterpretation and misunderstanding. In an organizational context, the lack of shared meaning can often create significant frustration, cost and risk.

As human beings, we all think slightly differently. Our individual life experiences also alter our personal understanding of the language and words used. Our mental models are highly visual and are in the majority communicated through language.

The challenge is that quite often our mental models of language often differ from each other. Even the same word can be used by different people in different ways. This creates a risk of misunderstanding and misalignment which can seriously impact business performance. Particularly, when articulating a strategy and expecting everyone to understand, and act on it.

At AllChange we have developed techniques that model group understanding of the language being used to create shared meaning and understanding. We ensure there is shared comprehension of the contextual meaning being expressed to remove abstract and ambiguity.

With a clear and common understanding of the ‘language’, you can focus on the task with confidence that everyone is on the same page.

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