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Narrative Transport

The battle for hearts and minds starts with the heart.

Storytelling influences how human beings think and behave, we are all hard-wired to respond to stories. Individual stories are more convincing than data… nobody ever stormed a castle over a pie chart. People accept ideas more readily when their minds are in ‘story mode’, rather than ‘analytical mode’.

The viral marketing of ideas depends first and foremost on stories… for an idea to pass from one person to another it must be contained in something that can be easily transmitted, just as a disease will spread within a human population via a highly contagious virus. A good story is precisely that kind of container.

At AllChange we have developed a number of storytelling techniques (including strategic narrative) that accelerate engagement and help our clients’ model and understand the business challenges and aspirations that they care about – and in a rich, clear and deeply meaningful way. Helping them to tell a story makes a huge impact in terms of understanding and remembering it. It helps release emotion connected to the situation, increasing engagement, involvement and buy-in.

We use storytelling to help groups explore issues and make them meaningful for others.

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