How We Model Our Clients Strategic Intent

The Cognitive Pillars

The cognitive process relates to all human intellectual activity such as thinking, reasoning, imagining, remembering and learning. As human beings, our understanding of our surroundings – reality, context, and how things connect and work together – are represented by visual imagery, story and metaphor – all of which animated by our personal and collective experience.

Creating The Optimal Cognitive Space

To catalyze deep interactive engagement that leads to high levels of group creativity, innovation and break-through thinking, AllChange have developed a kitbag of techniques that address how people think, how they work in groups; and how to get them to think more clearly, more deeply, and more productively together.



The four core pillars (techniques) that underpin our approach are; visual thinking, structured thinking, narrative transport and pure language.


Visual Thinking

Drawing on the research of how humans see and understand the visual world around us, visual thinking…  Read more 

Structured Thinking

We enrich and accelerate group collaboration using a range of thinking techniques which… Read more  

Narrative Transport

The battle for hearts and minds starts with the hearts. Storytelling influences how human beings think… Read more  

Pure Language

As human beings, we all think slightly differently, our individual life experiences also alter our personal understanding of… Read more  

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