Delta Visualization

Delta Visualization

It’s not just what you do, it’s also the way that you do it…that’s what gets results

Delta Visualization robustly factors people within the transformation by uniquely addressing human-oriented barriers such as scale, complexity, multi-stakeholder engagement and alignment.

Delta Visualization provides multiple benefits as a catalyst for change. The process of exploring and developing your vision or strategy and it’s underpinning mental model creates an aligned and on-message leadership coalition with a clear and common view of the way forward. Gaining this common view and collective agreement to proceed fundamentally accelerates transformational change because everyone is on the same page and ready to act.

The Delta Visualization Process

Often described by our clients as being a “Human Operating Model”, the Delta Visualization is akin to an Engineering or Architectural blueprint, capturing multi-dimensional information that is capable of directing organisational-wide change:

  • The kitbag of integrated solutions contain powerful images of the business issues that require organisation-wide engagement to succeed; and
  • The process of creating the visual model helps the organisation collectively explore, understand and articulate the business opportunity’s and the problem’s that need to be addressed. The Delta Visualization process ‘Humanises’ and simplifies business challenge by connecting to everyone’s experience.
  • Our kitbag of solutions are effective tools to communicate the value of the business strategy (and targeted change) with clear, tailored messaging which all the key stakeholders will understand
  • The creation process enables teams to create clear and common messaging alongside clear terms of reference (and language) that defines what the business transformation means to the organisation, helping the stakeholders understand why the change initiative is important (it’s business value) and their individual relationship and role within the game plan

The Power of Visual Thinking

  • Visual thinking techniques promote group memory enabling people to work better and more effectively together – leading to better performance and results