Business Case Visualization ((BCV)

Blending First Class Workshop Design With Treasury ‘Green Book’ Best Practice

The Business Case Visualization (BCV) product provides a collaborative framework for thinking and efficient process for approval that is flexible and scalable – along with a range of tools that can be applied to generate clarity and support in the decision making process.

Because the Business Case is a proposal for an investment decision, the BCV critical path from commencement to completion ensures that the right contributors, right information, right modelling/validation processes and right documentation formats are in place at the right time.

The BCV value proposition draws on first class workshop design to optimise collaborative iteration and honing of the business case enterprise ideas.

A series of visualization workshops involving the right people and information in a collaborative and knowledge rich environment generates a cohesive consensus view – and at pace.

The collaborative nature of the BCV visualization process is designed to involve a broad stakeholder base in the business case development. This leads to a robustly modelled and validated set of investment options. Because business cases come in all shapes and sizes, whether developing a new product, justifying an enterprise idea or the next version of an IT system, the BCV process is easily configurable to meet individual requirement.

Summary Benefits

  • First class workshop design underpinned by Treasury ‘Green Book’ best practice.
  • Pre-agreed scope and activity critical path; including participants, participation levels and milestone deliverables – leading to a joined-up initiative with everyone involved working on the same page.
  • Pre-agreed tasks, decision authority and decision steps.
  • Highly efficient and collaborative process that generates a clear mandated go/no-go decision.


Generating A Broader Coalition Of Support To Proceed With Confidence

Facilitated workshops actively using visualization techniques to spark fresh thinking and promote collaboration to generate clear thinking and decisions, build consensus and generate stronger follow-through and action.

Summary Deliverables

1. Next step decision agreed with a coalition of support and mandate to proceed gained – as an outcome of the BCV activity.

2. Robustly modelled and validated terms of reference, including supporting evidence, assumptions (risks, issues, dependencies), options and recommendations.

3. Business case thinking explored, debated and tested in a highly collaborative knowledge rich environment – reducing risk by reducing bias (aka innacurate or stereotypical thinking).

4. Built To Be Used: All visual capture from the BCV workshops will be consolidated into an executive briefing document, providing a project golden source – with all key assets produced during the engagement uploaded to a share-folder for easy access – and future reference.



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