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On behalf of Warwick Business School, yesterday, I was honoured to lead a webinar for the MBA International Faculty.

The webinar format was ambitious with a live student Q&A and the use of real client examples to illustrate the answers; but I think we just about pulled it off!

While there are gems of practical insight across the whole recording, if you are short of time I highly recommend that you watch Chapters 10 & 11. In these chapters I draw on a range of client examples, including a scenario storyboarding workshop that we carried out with 4-Star Army Headquarters.

Recording Overview

The webinar (and recording) is 1-hour long from start to finish. For your ease of reference, I have time-stamped the sections, calling them ‘chapters’. The below times indicate where to scroll-to within the recording, they are not the length of the chapter.

Video Chapters

  • Chapter 1: 3 minutes, 46 seconds – AllChange Introduction & Overview;
  • Chapter 2: 6 minutes, 58 seconds – Client Video Case Study;
  • Chapter 3: 10 minutes, 35 seconds – How To Prototype Ideas;
  • Chapter 4: 12 minutes, 34 seconds – How To Build Leadership Consensus;
  • Chapter 5: 25 minutes, 52 seconds – How To Overcome The Downsides Of Group-Think;
  • Chapter 6: 29 minutes, 48 seconds – How To Spark Creativity & Join-up The Organisation;
  • Chapter 7: 33 minutes, 10 seconds – How To Ensure The Diversity Of Thinking Is Fit For Purpose;
  • Chapter 8: 37 minutes, 25 seconds – How To Model Thinking (The Visual Framework & Strategic Narrative Architecture);
  • Chapter 9: 41 minutes, 31 seconds – How To Build A Responsive Strategic Approach;
  • Chapter 10: 43 minutes, 57 seconds – How To Cascade (Evangelise) The Strategic Message In A Clear Consistent Way;
  • Chapter 11: 48 minutes, 17 seconds – The Processes For Successful Strategy Execution;
  • Chapter 12: 53 minutes, 38 seconds – How To Leverage Virtual/Remote Working To Model & Execute Strategy;
  • Chapter 13: 55 minutes, 28 seconds – How To Manage Strategy From The Bottom Up.

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Ian is a Senior Strategic Change & Innovation Advisor focused on translating strategy into meaningful execution.
Ian specializes in helping leaders operate differently by thinking and executing different. This includes helping people and teams to make sense of complex change by leveraging creative thinking techniques that produce meaning and clarity of understanding. Techniques such as design and systems thinking, strategic narrative and visual language (aka visual thinking).

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