Translating Strategy Into Meaningful Execution

Public Sector Frameworks

Framing The Challenge:

To Operate Differently, You Often Have To Think Different

The following scenario illustrates what’s currently on Local Authority Executive minds. The scenario also applies to other Public Sector departments, agencies and public bodies. The key theme that runs throughout, is the need to think, plan and act differently. This is where AllChange has the expertise to help.

“Master your thoughts, execute your vision, claim your success”

Local authority organisations are having to respond to fiscal austerity by having to think very carefully and differently about how they operate. To understand and tackle complexity, local authorities are increasingly taking a whole-system view of their organisations, both internally and externally. The need to think differently and respond to increasing ambiguity, complexity and pace of change, is placing stress on strategic planning norms. New planning approaches are having to be employed to ensure the upfront thinking/planning is more robust and more vivid in meaning for the frontline, with the planning process needing to be more collaborative and inclusive to build broader buy-in and consensus. Local authorities now recognise that the planning process delivers better outcomes when risk is better understood and factored when the opportunity is fully recognised ahead of time when outcomes are visualised and linked to clear change levers when customers are fully understood and central to the thinking…  with the planning translated into easily accessible and user-friendly messaging that everyone clearly understands, identifies-with and believes in.

Local authorities are now having to focus on delivering more personalised services as they look to improve the way they interact with and serve their customers. The consumer craving for always-on connectivity and service is pushing digitalisation to the top of many agendas. Going digital presents huge implications and complexity with local authorities seeking to understand how to digitise in an appropriate manner that fits the demanding and varied requirements of their customer base. Going digital also presents the opportunity to streamline, consolidate and share service development and delivery. Local authorities are recognising the benefits to be gained from digital innovation, they are seeking to harness advances in technology to create seamless and high-quality customer experiences – whilst also achieving improved efficiencies through economies of scale and better thought-out (planned) delivery.

The AllChange transformation products address a variety of strategic change challenges including:

  • Scale.
  • Complexity.
  • Multi-stakeholder engagement (building a mandated consensus).
  • Translating strategy into meaningful execution.

Creating the optimal ‘Cognitive Space’ to spark our clients’ group genius:


It’s all about strategy execution:

We help leaders bring their vision and strategy to life in a way that the organisation can clearly understand, identify with and believe in.

We help leaders develop and model their thinking in a meaningful (experiential) and user-friendly way. Building a cohesive consensus view that informs and directs all follow-on transformation activity. Our unique approach ensures that the business critical thinking is central to all design, planning and delivery activity – providing a simple user-friendly mechanism that ensures activity is joined-up with the senior thinking front-and-centre at all times.

We harness the power of story to execute vision & strategy:

Corporate story (aka strategic narrative) provides leadership with clear decision rules capable of guiding behaviour, prioritisation and decision-making. In the absence of clear leadership, people will make up their own rules. See below image…

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Government & Public Sector Procurement Made Simple

We are pleased to announce that our services can now be easily bought through a National Procurement Framework. The framework provides the option to either procure a one-off requirement or put in place a long-term agreement via a managed service. You can also procure us through a direct option or mini-competition exercise.

Our specialist professional and consulting services include a broad range of categories that connect to:

  • Strategic Planning & Implementation (including Operating Model Design);
  • Transformation & Change (both Business & Technology);
  • Strategic Leadership Development; and
  • Strategic Engagement Communications.
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