Strategy execution through people

Office for National Statistics

The exploratory process created a highly innovative and collaborative environment which allowed us to develop big-picture understanding and build consensus at pace. AllChange created an environment where serious business thinking and creativity could co-exist.
Ben Whitestone
Deputy Director Corporate Planning & Resilience
The use of story and pictures was a little out of our comfort zone in a technical organization, but it really helped engage us all in the design discussion, and make some difficult, complex and challenging issues easy to understand, digest and agree.
Ben Whitestone
Deputy Director Corporate Planning & Resilience


The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is the National Statistical Institute for the United Kingdom. ONS’s aim is to support decision-making through the provision of trusted statistics, analysis and research.

With the world around us changing fast all public sector organizations operate in an increasingly dynamic and volatile environment, ONS is no exception. For ONS the opportunities posed by the data revolution are significant and provide the drive to react to and keep pace with changes in the economy, society and technology. ONS’s strategy recognizes the need to innovate in order to exceed the changing needs of its customers, from Government to private sector organizations and the citizen. This includes tackling the challenges today and in the future, and ensuring ONS not only remains relevant but also grows its position as the trusted source of information and insight about the UK economy and society, in order to help Britain take better decisions.


In order to support its ambitious transformation, ONS was focusing on defining how the future of the organization would look and feel. In pursuit of this agenda, ONS approached AllChange to support the creation of a compelling and meaningful vision that would be universally understood and identified with. Providing a high-level visual mechanism for guiding decision-making, prioritization and behavioral change.


The AllChange approach integrates highly creative and collaborative techniques and environments to engage stakeholders, provide big-picture understanding, ignite group genius and build consensus at pace. Smart questions tee-up rich exploratory debate, creating an environment where serious business thinking and unrestrained possibility thinking could co-exist. With the thinking framed and aligned to ensure that everyone was working on the same page.

Working with the ONS senior leadership team, AllChange provided a mechanism that would help them articulate the ONS vision and associated target-operating model in a clear, meaningful, outcome-based way. Through a well-tested and structured approach, based around a series of visualization workshops that combined expert workshop design with the right people and knowledge, the ONS leadership team worked through some challenging questions to develop a joined-up view of the future operating model and to visualize this in a way that shifted some highly technical concepts into understandable stories.

Outcomes Achieved

With the creation of the ONS Visual Target Operating Model ONS has a picture of how it will look and feel in 2021, how ONS products, processes, systems and people will change in response to the ever-changing needs of its customers. The AllChange engagement helped ONS achieve:

  • A credible and clear vision for the future that establishes an understandable and thought-provoking dialogue across the organization.
  • A practical mechanism to facilitate a senior leadership strategic discussion that informs more detailed target-operating model design, planning and implementation.
  • Articulation of a compelling ONS corporate story that everyone can clearly understand, identify, see themselves in and believe in.
  • An effective change model to engage the wider organization and communicate the value of the new direction – growing a coalition of increasing support from senior sponsors and key stakeholders.
  • Articulation of a journey of change that leads to an engaged and energized leadership team, with everyone working on the same page.


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