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Eversheds: Creating An IT Transformation Focused Vision

AllChange helped us create a compelling IT Transformation focused Vision that articulated the value and role of IT within our organisation. Their highly creative and collaborative approach challenged our thinking and helped us land a rich picture of what success looks like.
David Ball
Head of IT – Eversheds LLP


The legal market is experiencing major transformational change. Disruptive technology, innovation and new entrant model law firms are emerging at pace, with increasing client demand for more modern and responsive law solutions that are focused on the needs of the customer and deliver a better service experience.


With a reputation for being a leader in Legal Services innovation, Eversheds is focused on emerging technology-enabled opportunities and on harnessing technology to create more intimate, meaningful client relationships that produce the value their clients care most about. In pursuit of this agenda, Eversheds Head of IT David Ball approached AllChange to help the IT Leadership team create a compelling and meaningful IT Transformation Focused Vision that would help the Firm achieve its strategic imperatives.


Working with the IT leadership team, AllChange created a mechanism that would help the leadership team articulate their IT Transformation Vision in a clear, meaningful, outcome based way. The focus of the solution was to optimise engagement and increase collaborative dialogue, so that IT and the wider organization could build a better future together. The solution included:

  • Creating a mechanism to engage key stakeholder audiences in the Transformation debate;
  • Developing a language framework that crystallised the IT Vision in a meaningful way, enabling everyone within the Firm to work from the same page;
  • Articulating a story of the barriers and opportunities that the IT Vision presents, including culture and behavior;
  • Articulating business value with a balance of Big Picture and Deep-dive Value Stories; and
  • Articulating the value of the IT Vision to the Firm – communicating ‘Why’ the Vision is important and visualizing ‘What success looks like’ in a way that gains a right to proceed and growing momentum of support.

Outcomes Achieved

The creation of the IT Vision has heralded a successful start to a new chapter of the Eversheds technology journey. As a result of the Delta Visualization engagement the following outcomes have been achieved:

  • An energised and on-message IT leadership team that has gained a consensus view of the opportunity with transformational thinking embedded;
  • Creation of a mechanism that helps IT engage with key audiences across the wider Firm;
  • Production of a mechanism that articulates a compelling and exciting vision for the future;
  • Production of a mechanism that enables IT and the wider Business to build a future together;
  • A visual representation that captures ‘what’ the IT Vision is, with clear and common terms of reference;
  • A mechanism that enables the IT Leadership to role model a new highly collaborative and engaging way of working; and
  • A simple and effective mechanism that will inform future transformation design, planning and implementation activity for both IT and the wider Firm.


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