Strategy execution through people


Not only did the change strategy workshop sessions meet expectations, they were excellent team-building sessions too. Our management team was encouraged to leave our job titles at the door and plug in completely for the few days together. AllChange’s style of delivery, married with the real-time animation appearing in the background, made it all worthwhile. We still refer to the corporate story and certain graphics from this London trip.
Charles Fleet, Head of Global Payments Solutions, CGI
Phones off. Everyone fully engaged. AllChange created a safe environment for our team to be creative, argumentative and have fun whilst maintaining a constant focus on delivering the days objectives. Storyboards captured and synthesized our thinking in a structured, imaginative and memorable way. The outcome is something we still use today, a strategic narrative – a solid foundation that we are building on and regularly return to as we expand and look to future growth.
Michael O'Loughlin, Consulting Director, CGI


Customer demands fueled by m-commerce and other disruptive technologies and players are driving rapid innovation and increasing competitive pressure on financial institutions. Many are falling behind the curve due to ageing and disparate legacy systems that have countless interfaces and duplicate processes. Since payment systems are at the heart of the banking institution, processing billions and even trillions of dollars each day, failure to move toward a modernized platform is not an option.

Pursuing the right transformation path for these mission-critical systems and processes, while ensuring 24/7 up-time, requires a partner with deep expertise, the right approach and proven solutions. This is where CGI come into the picture.

Based on nearly 40 years of experience in implementing more than 80 payment solutions globally, CGI has developed its Payments360 portfolio to help financial institutions develop strategies to move money smarter while preserving existing investments and gaining the agility to adapt rapidly.


CGI have previously worked with AllChange in other engagements and the feedback from both colleagues and clients has been very positive. Since the global payments management team was meeting in London we decided to maximize this limited time period together to challenge ourselves to produce a single Payments Story that connected to our organization, our team, our partners and most importantly of all, our customers.

CGI approached AllChange to help the Payments Leadership develop a payments story that everyone could clearly understand, identify with and believe in. With the scale, complexity and pace of change in the financial markets it was imperative that CGI was able to articulate a clear and compelling payments story that supported our go to market activity. It was extremely important that our new narrative provided a north star, with clear meaningful guidance, to direct our significant internal change – ensuring all our people; processes, technology and IP are all working from the same page to our customers enduring benefit.


Working with the Global Payments Leadership team, AllChange created a mechanism that helped accelerate and articulate a clear vision for our business. The transformation product that CGI selected for this project was the Change Strategy Workshop solution. This product draws on over a decades commercial experience working with senior leaders and front-line management to create compelling corporate stories that everyone can clearly understand, identify with and believe in – all wired to effectively connect corporate vision to action – enabling strategy to become everyone’s business.

Outcomes Achieved

The CGI Payments team now has a single message that connects with both the internal CGI organization as well as all key external stakeholders across the payments market spectrum.

The production of the Payments narrative has gained a single consensus view on the future of Payments across CGI. This has led to the CGI Payments Team having a truly unique identity within the CGI global network. It has also led to the creation of compelling go-to-market message that we are sharing with our clients, partners and institutions alike.

All CGI talent acquisition, training development, marketing and client engagement are scrutinized, benchmarked and measured through this new lens.