Strategy execution through people

Cervus Defence & Security

Working with AllChange was like taking the team through an intensive mental gymnastics course. It was challenging from the offset but as we tested ourselves and became more aligned, the results were astonishing. It allowed us to be both practical and creative at the same time, in a safe and nurturing cognitive environment.
Alan Roan
Managing Director, Cervus Defence & Security
We like to think of ourselves as being ‘blue sky’ thinkers, but the AllChange process took us through the sky and out into the stratosphere. It took us out of our comfort zone and into a place where we could look down and effectively design our future.
Alan Roan
Managing Director, Cervus Defence & Security


Cervus Defence and Security Ltd is a UK based data analytics company for the defence and security market, providing software integration, data science and domain expertise. Cervus’  aim is to secure advantage for the frontline on operations by enabling customers to effectively exploit performance insights.

Cervus had been operating for 6 years within the ever changing and dynamic defence and security sector. As the company grew, and products and services began to realise; significant opportunities were identified and the board made the decision to seek investment to scale up and expand internationally. It was also extremely important to achieve this while protecting Cervus’ unique culture of innovation.


Prior to seeking investment, Cervus decided they needed to develop and test their vision and strategy. The board wished to create a more compelling and clearer expression of the future; that would provide a clear ‘north star’ to guide, galvanise and rally the team. It was also important to ensure that the organisation was ‘match fit’ for the ensuing investment.

Cervus approached AllChange to help the leadership develop a meaningful vision that could be understood by staff, customers and investors alike. They wanted a highly impactful mechanism for coalescing ideas, decision making and changing the way that the organisation behaved.


The transformation product that Cervus selected for this project was the Change Strategy Workshop solution. This product draws on over a decades commercial experience working with senior leaders and front-line management to create cohesive ‘consensus’ around compelling corporate stories that everyone can clearly understand, identify with and believe in – all wired to effectively connect enterprise ideas and strategic intent to meaningful frontline delivery – enabling strategy to become everyone’s business.

Working with the cofounders, AllChange implemented an approach that would help the organisation crystallise the Cervus vision and associated business approach in a clear and meaningful way.

At commencement, AllChange took the Cervus team through a design focused consultation process to model the strategic intent and wider market context. The outputs from this activity catalysed a thought provoking exploratory conversation across the organisation that was vision-led and robust in nature (broad, deep and rich).

Through a series of visualisation workshops that combined expert workshop design with the right people and knowledge, AllChange helped Cervus define and articulate the future direction.

Outcomes Achieved

The resulting changes to the business strategy and its clear articulation now see Cervus ‘change-ready’ for the investment process and future growth. Cervus has a picture of how it will look and feel as it grows over the next 8 years and how its products, people and ecosystem will change in response to the ever changing needs of the environment and customers. As a result of the AllChange engagement, the following outcomes have been achieved:

  • Articulation of a clear and credible vision of the future that established an understandable and thought-provoking dialogue across the entire organisation;
  • Articulation of the Cervus purpose, vision and business value – resulting in a compelling pitch to staff, customers and investors;
  • Clear roadmap of the journey of change articulated. This resulted in an energised ‘on-message’ team working to the same end goal – with clear ‘in-focus’ outcomes to build towards together; and
  • Successful delivery of a rapid and effective change model that rapidly changed the company direction and accelerated the pace of product development.