Change Strategy Workshop

Building Your Strategic Narrative – Creating Your Corporate Story

A strategic narrative is a story that articulates corporate vision and strategy in a very understandable, meaningful and attractive way to gain buy-in, adoption and active participation from your people.

For a corporate story to flourish, it must connect with everyone at a personal level. People need to be able to recognise their own operational reality within the messaging, they need to see a reflection of themselves in a way that makes sense and resonates personally. To achieve this, leadership and front line management need to land their thinking at a local level and in a practical way. They need to be able to tell a very personal and authentic story describing the business priorities using language that is clear, appropriate and relevant to the audience. This means the absolute removal of abstract language, technical jargon and management speak (aka fog factor).

The AllChange Change Strategy Workshop product draws on over a decades blue-chip commercial experience working with senior leaders and front-line management to create compelling corporate stories that everyone can clearly understand, identify with and believe in.

Client Workshop Example

Building a mandated consensus around your corporate story.

To view the below video-slideshow you can pause and fast-forward on the content. Workshop photographs are located towards the end of the slideshow.

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