Blueprint Illustration

The Blueprint Illustration

The Blueprint Illustration helps teams model the current state and the future state – as well as establish a powerful shared vision for the transformation journey. The Blueprint Illustration is designed to support and enable strategic delivery planning. The iterative nature of the Blueprint production process uniquely helps you collaboratively create your vision in the form of a ‘Humanised Operating Model’. Similar to an engineering blueprint, it provides layered meaningful direction and guidance to effectively execute your strategic game plan.

The Value Of Getting Your Upfront Thinking Right

The Blueprint Illustration acts as a very practical visual mechanism to land your collective thinking (aka creative ideas, strategic intent, technical concepts) onto the operational ground floor in a clear, plain language and memorable way. The Blueprint Illustration captures a blend of high-level and deep-dive visual information. It will crystallize your vision in a richly meaningful and highly engaging way – enabling you to deliver change extremely well – helping you to achieve better performance, results and value.

A Parallel Mechanism Designed To Both Complement & Enhance Your Existing Planning & BaU* Implementation Activity

The Blueprint Illustration will help develop and model your upfront thinking in a user-friendly and accessible way, so that it informs, directs and guides all follow-on transformation activity.

* BaU = Business as Usual


The Blueprint Illustration is designed to help you effectively navigate the change journey – bridging the gap between where you are now and where you are heading. It will enable you to:

  • Develop big-picture understanding across your organization,
  • Align objectives with actions through a clear roadmap for transformation,
  • Gain consensus from key stakeholder groups,
  • Create a single cohesive leadership team,
  • Effectively align multiple teams,
  • Prioritize and deploy resources, and;
  • Monitor and measure progress whilst proactively leading transformational change.


The Blueprint Illustration product produces two core deliverables that ensure you retain control and orientation during the heat of delivery. The deliverables are:

  • Clarity of Direction: Production of a meaningful strategic narrative that becomes your organizational compass, and;
  • Better Orientation & Situational Awareness: Production of an electronic high-resolution interactive picture (aka visual map) that captures your stakeholder landscape in vivid detail – including the system level relationships, dependencies and interdependencies between your key internal and external stakeholders. As well as a providing a big-picture whole-system view of your organizations key moving parts – with a mix of big picture/high-level understanding and deep dive value stories that provide rich insight and meaning. All of which wired to direct decision-making, behavior and prioritization – helping you to make ‘better’ investment decisions, do the right projects, and do the projects right.

Our Transformation Products

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